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So it happened. The wedding that we had spent the best part of a year organising finally arrived and in a whirlwind went straight to the top of the chart of best days ever. Of course the main reason for that is because I married my dream guy and best friend. Naturally. A less advertised reason is because I finally got to see the tent decorations that I had been dreaming up, researching and planning for months (at least 90% of the pre-wedding dreaming time was dedicated to exactly that) take real life form. And boy oh boy. It looked even better that I thought it would. Largely thanks to my sister who frillied (Frilly: verb [fril-ee] - to be very busy plumping cushions up and moving things slightly to the left or right to improve the appearance of your surroundings) her heart out to beautiful effect, and my aunt, Charlotte Gabb, a very talented Gloucestershire based florist and who somehow managed to bring exactly what I had been picturing in my head to life with flowers and foliage. It's like she sneaked into my brain when I wasn't looking. The wedding also offered the perfect distraction from Silly Cushions. My poor little venture has had diddly squat attention from me since the beginning of the year. But now my evenings are delightfully (read: actually quite sadly) free from wedding decoration dreaming, I thought I ought to dip my toe back in to see firstly if cushions still exist, and if so whether I can make any that people might be in any way interested in buying. I was mulling over how I would dip my toe back in - months of being totally distracted has got me unnervingly out of practise - while relaxing on a beach on our honeymoon in Sardinia. Struggling for ideas, I thought I'd throw the towel in for the time being and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings - and my oh my were they beautiful. I wanted to take them home with me and look at them all day. Now how could I do that...? If only there was way I could look at the azure and turquoise sea, the white sand, and the colourful architecture while on my sofa in London of an evening. Aha - that's the answer - I'll make a cushion from colours and patterns I drooled over while in Sardinia so I get that honeymoon feeling whenever we settle down to a box set. I have the material in stock and cannot wait to get sewing... pictures to follow! And there you go - toe dipped. The Sardinia range of cushions was born. Feeling all inspired by my trip and the desire to somehow bring it home with me, I've realised that it shouldn't have to stop there. I'm off to Sweden soon and I have a sneaky suspicion that I may want to bring that trip home with me as well... Top 3 most eye-poppingly gorgeous places we visited in Sardinia: 1) Su Gologone - This hotel up in the Barbagia mountains is a piece of artwork - literally. The designer/owner Giovanna Palimodde's has given every space whether big or small the same keen attention decor wise, and around every corner there is more to feast your eyes on. They have 6 onsite craft studios where they showcase artworks and artisanal objects crafted in the ‘Su Gologone’ style. In the studios they embroider shawls, sculpt iron and make ceramics to name a few things, and the results are divine. A crafty lady could be forgiven for thinking she has died and gone to heaven. 2) Cala Ganone - While the town is incredibly picturesque, the most amazing thing about this spot is that you can rent your own little speed boat and drift around the most breathtaking beaches you've ever seen at your own pace. The pockets of beaches along the coast are only accessible by sea, and are crystal clear. The turquoise water and the white beaches look like they've been instagram filtered to high heaven - you struggle to believe you're seeing them in the flesh with your own eyes and not on a phone screen from your sitting room in the suburbs of a drizzly British city. 3) Iglesias - We stumbled across this little town by accident while driving from one part of the island to another. I saw it on the map and the name made me chuckle - my Swedish husband's nickname is Enrique (much to my amusement and his dismay) - so I requested that he take a pretty extensive detour so I could take a picture of him next to the sign. After having dodged a few speedy cars to patiently pose for the picture, he and I went off to explore. The town was actually exquisite. The streets were lined with pretty painted houses, and bunting and brightly coloured umbrellas hung between them to provide a really stunning backdrop for a spot of lunch. If, like me, you spend your holidays taking lovely snaps of pretty things but never know what to do with the pictures afterwards, why not send them over to me so I can make a cushion that encapsulates your trip for you. Every time you kick your shoes off and relax into your evening you'll be reminded of that dreamy holiday you had.

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