A Little Nugget of Email Joy

Emailing. The ability to speak to people without having to actually speak with them. What on earth could be better than that? You can break bad news, shut down your computer and go about your day without having to worry about the other person's reaction. Or even just give someone some information without getting into a 20 minute conversation about how their cat is or whether that rash they had has cleared up. Perfect for people like me with little time or patience.

On the other hand, having access to this wondrous invention does also bring with it the dreaded junk mail. You put your email address into one website to buy something and suddenly you are the target of every retail outlet in the country trying to peddle their goods whether relevant to you or not. Your Gmail account goes from being a beautiful time saving/people avoidance tool to a horrendous chore of deleting and blocking email addresses from companies trying to sell you baths with doors in so you can enjoy freezing to death while you wait for the water to drain out.

The temptation to completely ignore your inbox can be overwhelming but, of course, you have to check it regularly just in case in amongst all the emails about PPI and credit cards you don't want there is anything that has actually been written by a human being who knows who you are and needs replying to.

The other day I was trudging through the daily ordeal of deleting thousands of useless emails when I saw something from a lady called Poppy Emerson who works for an online wedding magazine called The Wedding Secret. As I'm getting married next year my interest peaked enough to open it to see what it was about. Amazingly, Poppy was emailing me to say that she was writing a piece about 2nd wedding anniversary presents and was asking me whether she could feature my cushions in the article! Cue the mirage-esque ‘Ahhhh’ noise that you see on television when something comes down from the heavens bathed in light. What a nugget of absolute joy to find in amongst the cat food survey participation requests.

I immediately emailed Poppy back to say that yes, of course that would be amazing and thanks so much for thinking of Silly Cushions. I hurriedly told all of my colleagues around me and text my Mum, and waited excitedly for Poppy’s reply. Fast forward a few hours and no reply. Eek. I've now told everyone I know that my cushions are going to be featured in this article and it's looking as though Poppy may have actually changed her mind. Suddenly the beauty of people avoidance that comes with emailing has taken a turn and I'm feeling like I could be on the receiving end of it. It giveth with one hand and taketh with the other. Should I bite the bullet and ring her to see what the latest was?

Luckily, Poppy emailed me back the next day, the conversation resumed, and the resulting article was published very shortly after. While to me it may have felt like a bit of a tense wait to hear back from her, that was only because I was so excited about the whole thing (and also feeling a bit embarrassed that I'd already told everyone that the article was definitely going to happen), and actually it was a perfectly reasonable response time from her. Lesson learned - emails are great. Phones can do one.

If you would like to read the article please hop over to https://www.theweddingsecret.co.uk/magazine/second-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas-cotton/ and fill your boots.

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