Not So Silly Napkins

You may have seen in my previous blog posts that my sister and her fiance have been preparing for their wedding this year. After months and months of planning the big day finally took place early last month and it was the BEST DAY EVER. Not only am I over the moon for my sister, and that I now have a brand new brother, but also that the big day had absolutely everything you would want a wedding to offer. It started off with sophistication and elegance, and ended up with the family getting the fancy dress box out and dancing on chairs in the kitchen at 4.30am singing at the top of our voices.

The napkins that I embroidered went down an absolute treat. They complemented the colour scheme beautifully and were the cherry on the cake of the table decorations. The guests took them all home - gravy stains and all - and hopefully they will use them long into the future, reminding them each time of what a gorgeous day Olivia and Jimmy’s wedding was.

Since then a friend of mine has actually asked me to send her a quote to do the napkins at her wedding. This has got me thinking… this wedding napkin lark could be a good little gig. While I love doing the cushions and that will remain the mainstay of the business, wedding napkins are so fun to do and the overall impact is so much better than individual cushions. Plus, now I have named the business Silly Cushions it might seem a bit odd if I only offered napkins...

So, with this in mind, I have been scouting around for ways to advertise the service. It helps that I actually got engaged a couple of weeks before Olivia and Jimmy’s wedding (eeek!!!) because I had already started to do a bit of research from the bride’s point of view into wedding ideas and seen a few websites/apps that offered an array of services. In fact, with the ridiculous amount of wedding related services on the internet ranging from the banal (chair hire - everyone needs to sit down, right?) to the downright extraordinary (giant snow globes with dancers inside - no one needs giant snow globes with dancers inside), you could be glued to your laptop for so long that you would have to get it surgically removed if you read through all of them.

I finally found an app that seemed like the perfect option - Bridebook. Bridebook covers just about everything you could need for your wedding. There are different categories for venues, makeup people, dress shops, caterers, florists - you name it - so everything is neatly compartmentalised and the frazzled bride-to-be can easily find what she needs. If you had torn all of your hair out searching through all of the other seven million results for wedding services on Google, you would quite quickly be able to find someone who could put it back in for you on Bridebook. Phew.

It is also categorised by location as well. Type in where you live/where you are getting married and a number of results for local services will populate ready for you to peruse. Out of interest I typed in Cirencester which is the nearest town to where my parent live in the Cotswolds (population of around 19,000) and around 30 results came back for various services from floristry to catering and venue hire. It appears you don't have to travel very far at all to plan a wedding these days.

So here’s hoping my napkins will make it into the search results of a few happy couples and some of them will think it’s a nice enough idea that they will get in touch for a quote. If you fancy taking a look yourself you can find me at under the Decoration & Hire category. Happy days.

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