Blow your nose in style!

We all remember having a teacher at primary school who would keep a tissue up her sleeve in case she ever needed to blow her nose. Not a totally gross concept (in fact quite a sensible one) until you remember that she would then stuff it back up her sleeve once said nose was blown. It would then be used repeatedly throughout the day until the specimen she finally removed from her sleeve when it was time to go home resembled something akin to a scene from Alien. I remember as a child whenever I was out with my dad and I fell over and got a scrape on my knee, he would produce a square of bogey covered material from his pocket and would wipe my knee with it. For some reason I didn’t mind this at all. In fact, if I ever needed to sneeze or had a runny nose I would ask Dad if I could borrow his hanky. He would willing lend it to me before stuffing it back in his pocket where it would stay for the rest of the day. It was like a family handerchief of epic disgustingness. Luckily this was a number of years ago. Nowadays hankies have developed into something a little more sophisticated than just a snot rag. The other day I was asked to monogram the most beautiful handkerchief I'd ever seen for someone's birthday. The customer had bought it in Liberty - the most heavenly shop in London - and had it delivered directly to me from the shop. It was an Alice

in Wonderland themed silk handkerchief in a gorgeous array of colours, and arrived in the most beautiful packaging with enough bows, boxes and bags to wrap a while family’s Christmas presents. The customer had given me free reign to pick the thread colour that I thought would work best and I went for crushed raspberry which would be subtle in amongst the pattern yet complimentary to the design. I packaged it back up neatly, trying to remember exactly how it had arrived, and posted it on to her so she could deliver it to the lucky recipient on the big day.

Gone are the days of the horrid nose rag. They are no longer seen as a piece of germ laden cloth that lives up the sleeve of the 90s primary school teacher. Instead they are considered a stylish accompaniment to your outfit, a little piece of luxury in your pocket, and a really great present for someone you know. The fact they are also really very useful as well is a serious bonus! Blow those noses with pride!

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