Portmant-Oh, what a good idea!


Having posted a blog about Definition Cushions a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would follow along the same ‘cushion inspiration’ lines this week and share another fun idea that came from a colleague of mine.

She has recently bought a house with her new husband and is in the midst of an interior design frenzy, deciding on colour schemes and buying beautiful things to fill the rooms. Every girl’s dream. For the bedroom she has chosen a grey and white colour scheme which sounds utterly divine and she’s just putting the finishing touches to the decor now.

When I told her about Silly Cushions I could see her brain ticking and within a couple of days she had come up with a cushion design that would not only match the colour scheme of their newly decorated bedroom, but would also be a adorable and personal touch for the newlyweds in their first home together. The cushion has the word ‘JABBI’ embroidered across a white cushion in grey writing, and with grey piping to match.

If you’re wondering ‘what the hell is Jabbi?’, well let me tell you, My colleague’s name is Abi and her husband is called Jay, and Jabbi is what they have affectionately come to be known by their friends. What a nice idea for a cushion.

And it’s not just Abi and Jay who have a sweet portmanteau. The most obvious and well known examples of this are from the celebrity world with the likes of Brangelina, Kimye, and TomKat. Ben Affleck liked the nickname he got from going out with Jennifer Lopez so much that when they broke up he made the executive decision only to date Jennifers from them on so he could keep it. He eventually married Jennifer Garner and Bennifer lived on.

Quite a lot of my couple friends have now been given mash-up names. Amongst us we have a Dimmy (Dids and Jimmy), a Dashley (Dani and Ashley), a Lachrin (Karin and Lachy), and - possibly my favourite - Maggot (Maggie and Robert). My boyfriend and I are known as Romrik (Romilly and Henrik) and I rather like it. Not only is it quicker for people to refer to us as a couple, but also, in a Spice Girls “two become one” sort of way, it does actually make us feel even more like unit.

So there is it; ‘cushion inspiration’ idea # 2. If you’re PDA averse and would prefer people not to know how much you secretly like your own mash-up nickname, why not find some couple friends of yours that have slipped through the net nickname wise to date and bestow one on them. In a world that contains brunch, Brexit and cankles, it won’t be long before every couple has a portmanteau of their very own anyway. Why not be the one who creates it for them!

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