Thanks Mum (and not in a sarcastic teenager way)

In the words of Queen, “Mama, ooooooooh”, in the words of the Spice Girls, “Mama I love you, Mama I care”, and in the words of Kanye West, “Turn one page and there's my mommy”. God knows what Kanye’s on about, but the point is that there are thousands of songs about mums because, no matter who we are, we all put our mums on a pedestal. Even the toughest rappers can’t deny that they are mummy’s boys and girls. We all are.

As today is my mum’s birthday I thought it would be fitting to write my blog about Mother’s Day which is rapidly approaching - Sunday, March 26 for those of you who haven't already got it earmarked.

Mums nowadays have to fill so many different roles it’s a wonder anyone has the capacity for it all. If there were a job description for it I doubt anyone would apply. You would undoubtedly have to go through a multi-stage interview process where you had to prove your skills in diary management, timekeeping, adaptability, team leadership, homework assistance, mid reading, chauffeuring, cookery, money management, psychology, housework, nursing, multitasking…. The list would be endless.

As children we are completely unaware of how much skill is involved, however.

When you’re a kid you have no idea how much work your mum puts into keeping you fed, watered and happy. You also have no understanding that your mum is a person who existed before you came along and has hobbies and interests of her own beyond wiping your bum and picking you up from school. You assume that when you’re off playing at a friend’s house your mum powers down as if on standby at home waiting for the time to come to go and pick you up again. What on earth would there be to do in your absence?

As a teenager you feel as though your mum nags you for her own pure amusement, as though she gets some twisted enjoyment out of telling you not to do things. Rather than letting you go into town in the middle of winter in that awesome top that shows your midriff, your mum is cruelly determined to stifle your individuality and make you wear a coat. What good could possibly come from wearing something warm when you’re out and about with your friends?

There comes a point when you hit your mid-late 20s, however, that you realise quite what an ungrateful little brat you've been all this time and what a great job your mum has been doing. You’re suddenly impossibly grateful that your mum didn't let you gorge on sweets, you find yourself looking at crop-top clad teenagers in town in December wondering whether they’re cold, and you realise that 10pm is a perfectly acceptable bedtime. I see my friends who have children now and it just drives home the fact that mums are just normal people who work incredibly hard to raise their children in the best way they can while also juggling everything else that goes on in life like work, paying bills and seeing friends. What multitasking heroes.

So, to show your mum how grateful you are for everything she does for you, why not get them something beyond the standard bunch of flowers this year... why not get them a personalised cushion. With free reign to write whatever you want on it, it’s a great way to tell them exactly what you're grateful for. Just hop over to and let your imagination run riot.

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