The Very Definition of a Personalised Present

Sometimes when you are given completely free reign with something you find it difficult to know where to start. You have to come up with something completely new it’s it’s hard to get the ball rolling. Coming up with something to write a blog about each Sunday is a very good example of this. Like an artist, you are faced with a blank canvass with no idea what to paint.

This is something that I have come across with people looking to buy from Silly Cushions. They love the idea of it but are stuck with what to have embroidered on the cushion. They want to create a humourous and relevant gift but can’t think of just the right phrase.

While there are some off the shelf products in the Silly Cushions range, I set the business up with the intention of giving people the chance to totally personalise their gifts and would like this to remain the mainstay of it. Having said this I also realise that writer’s block is a real hinderance for some customers.

So, in a bid to help people on their way, I have been thinking of different product ranges that might give inspiration. A structure or idea that they can run with. [Insert word here] sort of thing.

I’m a big fan of puns, different ways of using language, word games, and everything generally to do with words. I love nothing more than sitting with my parents and doing the cryptic crossword in the paper together. I know, I’m super cool. I get told that all the time. It is impossible not to admire the crossword compiler’s ability to play with words, to come up with double definitions, and tinker around with acronyms, however.

With Silly Cushions being all about words, whether that’s a clever pun or just something really personal to the individual, I thought I would create a range that would honour this in it’s simplest form, but of course with a personalised twist - Definition Cushions!

I thought I would get the ball rolling by embroidering a Definition Cushion for a good friend of mine, Nick, for his 30th birthday. I've known Nick since we were 11 years old and have always been able to rely on him to embellish stories so that they get more fascinating every time he tells them. He likes the finer things in life and also has the most glorious curly hair of which I have always been very envious. Below is the resulting cushion:

So, fingers crossed this will give a little cushion inspiration. Let me know what the name of the recipient is, and some of their defining characteristics (Are they infallibly generous? Are they always late for everything? Do they pick their nose when they think no one is looking?) and I’ll embroider the deets in the form of a dictionary like entry that is truly personal to them.

More cushion inspiration coming your way as and when an idea strikes me! Hopefully I’ll have a whole range of customisable cushions on the website that don’t give you brain ache before you know it.

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