Careful what you wish for!

Birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s are the holy trinity of present giving. With Valentine's around the corner I'm currently going through the tri-annual anguish of trying to come up with a good present idea. Our anniversary is a week later and neither of us can actually remember which day it's supposed to be on so, to save any embarrassment, we celebrate it on Valentine's instead. While this is is convenient, this double whammy of a celebration definitely adds to the pressure of coming up with a good present.

When you first get together you have amazing present ideas coming out of your ears. The main issue is trying to decide which of the 17 amazing present ideas to go with, and having to excitedly wait until the next present giving occasion to give the next genius present on the list. All of the presents you give are relevant, sentimental, and proudly handed over safe in the knowledge that you've nailed it.

Fast forward a few years, however, and it's a different story. His/her birthday is getting dangerously close and you haven't got a single decent idea of what to get them. You've covered every hobby they have, you've taken them to every gig they've been desperate to go to, and you've bought them every gadget they’ve been lusting after. Coming up with something that’s not completely random becomes a real struggle.

When they talk you find yourself listening out for the slightest clue of what they could possibly want in the hope that some new interest will land in your lap to save the day. You have to be very careful before your birthday, Christmas or Valentine's just in case you accidentally show too much interest in something and it becomes the focus of your other half’s present shopping efforts. You might casually point out that Sean of the Dead is a good film. Fast forward two months and you’re running for your life through Central London being chased by people dressed up as zombies wondering what on earth you did to deserve this.

Eventually you resort to buying each other things that they need rather than things that they want. Romance becomes a thing of the past and functionality takes precedence. A fine example of this is the wheelie bin that my Dad bought for my Mum for her birthday a few years ago. She decided that she really needed one so off Dad went to the wheelie bin shop and bought the finest one he could find. She was so pleased with it. Sadly a couple of months later the council started giving them out to people for free, but at least Mum had two glorious months of professional rubbish disposal on the neighbours.

So, here I am, 10 days away from our Valentine’s/anniversary double whammy wondering what on earth to get my boyfriend. Sadly I think he has seen enough Silly Cushions to last him a lifetime - we’re almost at the point of having to sit on the floor because of the sheer number of cushions we have piled up on the sofa at home.

If, like me, you are struggling to think what to get your other half and you are yet to be banished to the floor for lack of space on the sofa due to cushion over purchasing, head over to for some inspo. Fingers crossed it could be the idea that lands in your lap to save the day.

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