Prettify your wedding tables with personalised napkins

My sister is getting married this year. This is a fact that excites me more than anything I can currently think of. Having been to hundreds of weddings over the past few years, I can’t believe the person I’m going to be watching walk down the aisle this time is going to be my very own skin and blister.

I’m over the moon to say that she has given me the honour of being bridesmaid too. While I’m ecstatic about this fact, I’m also a little nervous. I am a complete wet blanket who cries at pretty much everything. I actually found myself crying watching Eastenders last week (a bus crashing into the square a squashing half the cast - you’d have to have a heart of stone not to shed a tear at that, right?). The flood of tears that I shed when my sister rang me to say they'd got engaged, and the subsequent dribbling mess I was reduced to when she asked me to be bridesmaid a week later, lead me to believe that I’m going to following her down the aisle with mascara streaming down my face and interrupting the tender moment of “I do” with uncontrollable snotty snorts.

The wedding prep is coming on well. The marquee is booked, the florist and the dress and are lined up ready to go. I think they’ve even sorted the music out now. One rather major thing that still needs to be done, however, is sending out the invitations. It’s all very well organising the dreamiest wedding that ever took place, but if you haven't got any guests it’s going to be a bit of sad affair.

Another reason this is quite crucial is because I have offered as a wedding present to embroider napkins with the names of all of the guests so that everyone knows where to sit at dinner. If the guests so wish they can then take the napkin home with them as a little momento of the big day. Depending on how messy an eater they are, this will probably mean that they will get gravy all over the inside of their clutch bags, but I think that’s a sacrifice worth making.

I have a horrible feeling that by the time the invitations go out and everyone has RSVP’d yay or nay, I’m going to have precious little time to embroider 150 napkins with everyone’s names on. I have visions of myself in a flat panic the night before the wedding, slaving over my embroidery machine (which is fine now post surgery, thanks for asking - see my blog from 2 weeks ago if you want the full agonising story), probably in tears and wishing I had just bought them the candle sticks they’d asked for as a present instead.

Despite this, I think the end result is gong to be lovely. Even if I do only get the last few napkins done seconds before we sit down to eat, having personalised napkins with everyone’s names on and in keeping with the colour scheme of the day, is going to be a really lovely touch to the table decorations and a lovely keepsake for all to remember the day.

If you are currently organising your wedding as well and you would like personalised embroidered napkins for your big day, feel free to let me know! I’d be happy to send a quote to you based on the number of quests you are having and the colour scheme you're working with, and before you know it you could have all of your wedding favours and your place names sorted in one foul swoop!

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