Time to get Time Efficient

With the clocks having changed today it seems appropriate to write about time, or the lack of it...

When you work for someone else taking an hour for lunch and clocking off at 5.30pm are your born given rights. When you work for yourself things change dramatically - 5.30pm sails past silently without even as much as a nod of acknowledgement.

On The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme: Explore much time is dedicated to discussing whether self employment is for you. One of the major benefits is of course being the master of your own schedule. With great power comes great responsibility however.

For someone who naturally has quite a loose grip on schedules and time-keeping, running my own business is going to take a lot of concentration. This blog for example is my ‘Friday Blog’. It’s now Sunday evening and I have only just sat down to write it. Oops.

In a bid to correct my natural tendency for tardiness I actually attended a time management course a few years ago. All I remember about it is that it was run by a guy called Johnny Nettlebottom - ha! - and an analogy he used about packing the boot of your car with elephants and plastic bags. Let’s just say that attending that course wasn’t a particularly good use of time.

What is only going to make the situation worse is that the week after next I am starting a new job - a real one - and suddenly I’ve realised that time is going to be a scarcity that I’ll need to put to incredibly good use in order to be able to get everything done. Before I return to the world of gainful employment just one of the many tasks on my to do list is to embroider and sew a mountain of cushions akin to Ben Nevis for the Christmas markets I’m selling at.

I have a feeling the next week is going to be incredibly busy. Perhaps it would help if I packed the boot of my car with plastic bags? One thing is for sure, I shouldn’t waste any more time going to time management courses.

*Going forwards my ‘Friday Blog’ will be published each Sunday, or at least until Sundays become an impossible deadline to keep…*

#timemanagement #selfemployed

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