Winter is Coming

Yesterday for the first time in months I remembered that we have a boiler that has the magical ability to increase the temperature in our flat. Since the sun hit its stride in June this year I have been living the coat free high life. Heating has been nothing but a faint memory. Earlier this week though I decided that enough is enough and the magical heating box went on. Winter is coming.

While I am very much a fan of summer and all the trappings that come with it - sunshine, beer gardens, the smell of aftersun, the thrill of food poisoning roulette from uncooked BBQ food - this recent drop in temperature has sparked a little excitement in me. Some may say it’s too early but I am succumbing to the idea of winter and, dare I say it, Christmas…

One thing that has really got me feeling festive is the research I have been doing into Christmas markets. I love nothing more than wandering round a Christmas market with a mulled wine, buying handmade decorations and presents for people, and scoffing down gingerbread. This year will be different though… I’ll be on the other side of the table.

Selling at a Christmas market I imagine can be quite brutal. The faceless beauty of the internet means that I’m never submitted to people’s true reactions to my embroidered cushions and can therefore naively assume that everyone is loving every minute of scrawling through my website. At a market however you are confronted with the reality. What if people take one disinterested glance at my stall and wander straight on past to some other more exciting prospect? But then again what if people love my cushions and buy out my entire stock within the first half an hour? Who knows what the outcome will be - I suppose I will have to wait and see.

Once I have finalised the details I will let you know which Christmas market I’ll be selling at this year and fingers crossed some of you will be able to make it along to humour me and my handmade cushions!

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