Keep those teeth safe

The thought of a stranger coming into your bedroom at night and taking your teeth is the stuff of nightmares. But for centuries somehow parents have managed to make this sound exhilarating to their offspring. The Tooth Fairy is such an exciting concept that children practically yank the teeth out of their mouths in the hope of catching a glimpse of the tiny bewinged lady and enough money to buy the sugar needed to loosen any remaining teeth.

In early Europe, children only got a reward for every sixth tooth that fell out. That’s a lot of string and door handles to get through just for £1.00. Nowadays you can earn a small fortune for losing a full set of baby teeth. I almost considered it a part time job between the ages of 6 and 9 and was very close to putting it on my CV when I left university.

The thing that made the whole process even better was the Tooth Fairy cushion I had as a youngster. It was a little heart shaped white cushion with a frilly edge and a little pocket in which to place the prized lost tooth. I loved it. The ceremony of placing the tooth in the pocket, placing it on your bedside table, and waking to find my prize money in the morning was almost too much excitement to handle.

And there we have it - inspiration for my next product range. I’m currently in the process of mocking some up so stay tuned and hopefully they will be on the website early next week for all to see.

If only we applied the same gusto to tooth loss amongst the elderly as we do with children. Is there a cushion range to be had there..? Perhaps not.

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